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VI. New Design & Synthesis of Advanced Polymeric Materials
      by Controlled-Living Radical Polymerizations
      for Next Generation Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

Advanced polymeric materials using living-radical polymerization (LRP) through new synthetic methodologytechnology and structural control technology acquisition are being developed for low-cost, long-term stability, high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), LiBs, supercapacitors and new hybrid devices of energy conversion and energy storage by integrating the following core materials 1) innovative multifunctional polymers with well-controlled structure and morphology; 2) copolymer-templated nanocarbonmaterials (CTNCs) with well-controlled porosity and surface area; 3) organic semiconductor materials based on D-p-A structured porphyrins and organic sensitizers as world champion exceeding dyes previously developed by our laboratory. Also, the structure-property relationships for innovative multifunctional polymers (MFPs) will be established, leading to molecular design criteria. Very recently, many researches regarding to new integrated devices of renewable energy conversion with energy storage device are being developed. They have attracted much increasing attention because the practical use of renewable energy technology becomes a prominent issue from five major trends in future technologies deduced on the basis of linkage between human kind and industry. A hybrid generating electricity device which marries renewable energy source and energy saving is emerging as a new issue for the development of technology to improve the efficiency of renewable and substitute energy as the increasing installation of renewable energy-source on commercial use results in maximizing efficiency of electric power. Therefore, this research will be able to obtain the original technology for tailor-made polymers which can be applied to many different areas.